Daisy Dukes: Brunch and People Watching

Daisy Dukes: Brunch and People Watching

DaisyDukes8_smallBrunch and People Watching? ! Besides Beads and Beer, two of the most popular activities in New Orleans are Brunch and People Watching. Let’s start with Brunch which is a combination of Breakfast and Lunch. Brunch originated in England around the late 1800’s and since has become a part of daily dining worldwide. And for New Orleans, it’s especially popular as Brunch technically means Breakfast and Lunch served till 3pm. This is perfect for all the late night hangovers in the French Quarter and Brunch for me is my favorite foodie activity as seen in my previous posts for Hobnobber’s and Majoria’s Commerce. Getting a tasty plate of Bacon, Eggs, and Hash Browns at 1pm instead of 8am is a blessing for Breakfast lover’s and non early birds alike.

People Watching…ohhh yes that’s actually an activity.  Now when I first heard of this as being a “thing” in New Orleans, I was thinking it was weird and creepy. But then I thought, we do this everyday whether it’s on the Internet, TV, outside, at work, etc…We are some curious and sometimes nosy creatures that just can’t help watching other people’s lives. Now my absolute favorite way to do both is while I’m having some sunny side up eggs and toast which brings me to Daisy Dukes.

Daisy Dukes, not to be confused with the TV show or original Hot Pants, is a laid back place to knock down some Beer and Bacon 24 hours a day. There are two locations, one in the French Quarter and another in the Central Business District. My location of choice is the one in the Quarter on Chartres St. for one main reason…people watching. So as you enter the restaurant, you’ll notice a special room and corner on the left. The special room has a more private dining experience with a really cool color changing water display…basically an aquarium without the fish. And what’s great about the room is there are some large open windows that allow you to look out into Chartres St. viewing passerbys from the comfort of your dining table. The corner left area also has a single window giving you the people watching experience in a more personal area. All the while, you’re enjoying a simple meal which leads me to the food. Like most other places in the Quarter, the basics of Gumbo, PoBoys are all here. What sets this place apart are a few things starting with their Early Bird Breakfast from 6am to 8am where you get 2 Eggs, Hash Browns or Grits, Choice of Meats, and Toast/Biscuit all for an amazing $4.50! And during Crawfish Season, you can also indulge in all-you-can-eat Crawfish until they run out. Finally, we have their signature Award Winning Bottomless Cajun Bloody Mary with Free Refills. Value is the main thing that comes to mind when I think of Daisy Dukes and when you combine that with a Private People Watching experience that’s available 24 hours a day, it’s no wonder that you’ll be staring out their window on a regular basis. Get Location

Photos by: NOLA4ever

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