Down the Deep, Deep, Deep South in Venice

Down the Deep, Deep, Deep South in Venice

Venice4Fishing Capital of the World! That’s quite a claim for any place especially one with a population of less than 300 in the Deep, Deep South. New Orleans is considered to be in the deep south but go down further and you’ll discover a place called Venice. Named after the famous city in Italy, it’s claim to fame is Tuna and Boats so there’s no confusion on which Venice you’re at. But if you’re willing to take the adventurous trip down under, you might be hooked.

VeniceMapLooking at the map of Louisiana, you’ll notice that Venice is at the very tip of the bottom and you can easily miss it. Southern Louisiana is home to the Gulf Coast communities such as Grand Isle, Buras, and Venice. The Gulf Coast accounts for over 30% of all the seafood consumed in America so their importance can’t be understated. However, a tourist attraction is not what Venice is made for but what you do get is a unique Southern charm that only comes from small fishing towns. As you’re driving down, you’ll notice the land around you getting more sparse and the presence of the Mississippi River and Bayous  becomes more apparent. By the time you get to Venice, you might feel like you’ve come to the end of the world as it looks like a ghost town. The road will end and you’ll arrive down a winding road to your destination.

Amidst the shadows of oil refineries and industrial factories, you’ll come to a road leading to the docks of the “Fishing Capitol of the World!” Tons of Trucks hitched with Boats line the road along with people fishing with cars parked on dirt roads. By the time you step off to the charter boats, you’ll notice a large rack of Big Fish hanging upside down being cleaned and cut for markets and dinner tables around the world. Around you are fishing houses and “hotels” on the water that can be rented as well as charter boats to get the full fishing experience. And if you’re not the outdoors type, you can hang back at the local seafood restaurant and enjoy a cold one while eating a giant baked potato covered with fresh Gulf shrimp. And that in a nutshell is why you go to Venice. Get location

Photos by: NOLA4ever

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