St. Francisville Inn Bed and Breakfast

St. Francisville Inn Bed and Breakfast


Bed and Breakfast?

I’ve always wondered what Bed and Breakfast (aka B&B) were really all about. I mean why not call it a motel, hotel, or even shack? Why have such a fancy name? It often reminds me of Starbucks where the cup sizes are now named using some fancy snobby terms like Tall, Venti, or Grande that somehow doesn’t magically make my coffee better. So after some research, I’ve found that Bed and Breakfast basically means you’re paying someone to stay at their house for a few days and don’t have to worry about cleaning up. Which brings me to the St. Francisville Inn Bed and Breakfast located in the picturesque town of Saint Francisville.


Saint Francisville is a small town of less than 2,000 and is located about 2 hours north of New Orleans and 30 minutes north of Baton Rouge. It’s a town that is the definition of historic Louisiana as there are numerous landmarks, museums, historic homes, cemeteries, plantations, and of course, ghosts. The St. Francisville Inn (formerly known as the Wolf-Schlesinger House circa 1880) was abandoned after the late 1950’s and was later acquired and renovated in 1981 by Dick and Florence Filet to become the St. Francisville Inn Bed and Breakfast. By 1990, the Inn was sold to the current operators/owners Patrick and Laurie Walsh.

The Beds and Breakfast

St. Francisville Inn is wonderfully located in the historic downtown area. This ideal location makes it a joy to walk around shops, cemeteries, parks, and other historic buildings all without a drop of gas. The Inn itself includes a main house connected to 10 rooms used for the Bed and Breakfast. Each room includes a private bathroom with a tub/shower combination and I focus on private as in some B&B’s, guests have to share the bathroom which makes sense since it’s a house. Outside, the Inn is beautifully covered by 100 year old moss and is surrounded by swamp wildlife and thankfully, no alligators were present. There’s also a courtyard with a small swimming pool. The scenery, both inside and out, is like being in a gorgeous watercolor painting. Breakfast is of the buffet style with the usual assortment of eggs, bacon, and more…bacon however the food is quite a bit better than your typical continental breakfast. All the dining is actually done in the main house and not the B&B wing. Pricing for rooms is typically around $100 per night, which is a wonderful value for all the historic beauty one gets especially compared to the $100 plus prices in downtown New Orleans.  Although St. Francisville Inn isn’t as close to New Orleans as I’d like, it does present the other delightful offerings in Louisiana that doesn’t include beads or beer. Get Location

Photos by: GLStylez

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