Fringes of the French Quarter…Dauphine,Burgundy

Fringes of the French Quarter…Dauphine,Burgundy

French Quarter HorseFringes, such an eerie word, but it’s fitting for these two mysterious streets on the edge of the French Quarter. Dauphine, Burgundy…sounds like two odd couples or maybe just your annoying brother and sister. Just like your bratty siblings, you sometimes ignore them as is often the case for Dauphine and Burgundy Street.

Decatur, Chartres, Royal, Bourbon…those are the famous streets on the Quarter that you’ll have to pass through before discovering these forgotten streets. Once here, you’ll see a Kid’s Park (Cabrini Playground) and then a Dry Cleaner (Pap’s Cleaners and Laundry) and even a Castle!

Ok, ok…not that type of Castle

It’s actually Morro Castle a residential area where you can rent a 550 square feet space for only $2,000! Oh and it’s haunted too…or at least that’s the rumors. So what’s so important about these places?!…well it’s because they’re in the French Quarter. People visiting don’t normally associate these type of places in a Tourist locale let alone in the Travel brochures, but these streets show the other side of the Quarter, namely the people that call it Home.

It’s a relatively secluded, quiet area which is odd considering Bourbon Street is right next door. But Dauphine and Burgundy is almost like its own neighborhood at times. As you look down Burgundy, you’ll also find the neighborhood tavern Cosimo’s or the Carmelite Monastery.

If you’ve never been exploring down this far, you might think are these places new?…well most of the businesses were established in the 1930’s/1940’s and they’ve survived way longer than the countless bars, restaurants that have come and gone in the Quarter.

Neighborhood of History

Being the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, the French Quarter is often only viewed as a Tourist spot, but streets like Dauphine, Burgundy are a memorable reminder that people do live, work, and relish in all that New Orleans offers…despite the Fringes.
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Photos by: NOLA4ever

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