Hobnobber’s Hidden Breakfast

Hobnobber’s Hidden Breakfast

HobnobbersSmall_1Besides Mardi Gras, New Orleans in known for its abundance of Food and Bars. There’s probably more choices on where to eat or drink in the French Quarter alone than there are in some cities! Whatever type of Restaurant you prefer, whether it’s Fine Dining or even Franchises(what’s wrong with you?), there’s probably some flavor in the Quarter that will satisfy your taste buds.

But one thing that all Food Lovers can agree on is discovering that Amazing Hole in the Wall that actually doesn’t taste like leftovers. Well one place I discovered randomly while walking from the CBD was a Breakfast Gem called Hobnobber’s. Ok the name alone probably got your attention and doesn’t it sound like something from the movie the Hobbit? The creatively whimsical name alone will draw you in as it did me, but you’d probably miss this place if you were just walking by on Carondelet St. (which is actually the other side of Bourbon St.). On the Business side of  Canal St. , you’ll find a long and initially creepy dark hallway that would probably make you think twice before going through, but you’ll be glad you did. As you walk down the corridor, you’re greeted by the Hobnobber’s sign with the claim of “Best kept Secret in New Orleans” and I can’t disagree with that here. In New Orleans, Restaurants and Bars come and go so it’s not uncommon for locals to not have eaten or drank at every place, but Hobnobber’s has been around for over 20 years so I was surprised myself to have not known about this Hidden Treasure.

As soon as you get through the narrow entrance, you’ll see a Deer Head in a small square place with bustling workers and a merry crowd of people waiting in line at the counter for their Morning Meal. Typical of small eating establishments, you’re greeted by a Big Simple Menu above and after your order is placed, you move to the next counter space to pick up your food. Looking around the small eatery, you could see the personality of the place from the odd Deer Head to the more traditional Tin artwork, you know Hobnobber’s is a place that you can call Home. The atmosphere is that of a Family and not surprisingly, the Husband and Wife owners who’ve run the place for over 20 years are busy cooking up the eggs and taking your orders.

The Family atmosphere is what makes this place memorable and comfortable. And the Food?…well it goes back to Family, simple and delicious. Sunny side-up Eggs, with Bacon, and a side of Hash Browns smothered with Butter and Jam…yup that’s a Big Delicious Breakfast. And unlike some of the pricier Brunch/Breakfast options in the Quarter, you’re not going to be spending all your Beer money for your eventual Hangover Breakfast. The Menu is classic New Orleans with your usual offerings of Oyster Po-Boys, Jambalaya, and Gumbo, but there’s also your usual selection of Breakfast Specials and a surprising selection of salads like the Grilled Chicken and Avocado. Hobnobber’s, a Hidden Hole in the Wall that’s definitely worth discovering. Get Location

Photos by: NOLA4ever

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