Majoria’s Commerce Neighborhood Diner

Majoria’s Commerce Neighborhood Diner


Hole in the Wall…the search for that place that satisfies both your Hunger and Heart. What makes these types of places so special? Typically, a Hole in the Wall is often older, smaller, and virtually unknown to outsiders. But why do people seek out these places and keep coming back again and again? Well I like to call it the 3 F’s. In school, getting three F’s would be bad news, but not so when it comes to these hidden treasures of eatery. So what am I referring to when I say 3 F’s? Well that would be:

  • Food
  • Family
  • Fun

These 3 F’s are what make a Hole in the Wall special and memorable. In the CBD (Central Business District) there are quite a few of these. Just like Hobnobber’s,  Majoria’s Commerce is the very definition of these three delicious principles. Starting with the most important trait…the Food. As with most small New Orleans diners, the Food is simple, yet spectacular. In the case of Majoria’s Commerce, we have the tried and true New Orleans classics of Red Beans and Rice, Gumbo, and Po-Boys. But with every NOLA favorite, we have that special dish that our taste buds can never forget. In this case, it’s the CBB or Commerce Breakfast Biscuit. Quite simply for just $4.75 for a half order and $5.75 for a whole order, you get a zesty combination of flavor and spice that’ll make your lips smile with delight. The CBB is a combination that starts with hand-made biscuits covered with Cajun Eggs Benedict smothered with cheese and spicy slices of jalapenos that are perfectly topped off when you add a few splashes of Louisiana Crystal Hot Sauce.

Family is core to any Hole in the Wall in New Orleans and since 1965, Majoria’s Commerce has been a family-owned business celebrating its 50th year anniversary in 2015. You’ll find the owner/grandson behind the counter and the friendly, fun staff who’ve mostly been a part of Majoria’s for more than 20 years welcoming you in. You’re surrounded by a small, classic diner feel complete with a working antique wooden cash register when you go to pay your meal. And by the time you leave, you can’t wait to come see your Majoria’s Family again.

With such a perfect combination of Food and Family, you can’t help but have Fun here! Whether it’s joking with your server or shaking the hands of the cook that prepared your delicious breakfast or talking about the love of the diner with the owner, you’re sure to have a good time. And isn’t that what we all want when we’re dining out? Good food, good people, and good times is what Majoria’s Commerce is all about and hopefully, we’ll all get to share this special Hole in the Wall experience for another 50 years! Get Location

Photos by: NOLA4ever

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