Random Acts of Music

Random Acts of Music

Throughout the French Quarter, you often discover something strange, melodic, and rhythmically random…It might be while you’re having your Beignet and coffee or when you’re walking by the corner of Toulouse and Royal St. It’s the pulse of the French Quarter and the thumping heart and soul of New Orleans. What could this be?…I call it “Random Acts of Music” and it’s easy to find but impossible to forget.

Street performers, musicians, artists, geniuses…Whatever label you choose to use it’s undeniable that music is what keeps New Orleans dancing to its own rhythmic flow. As a celebration of this glorious musical gift, I’ll be covering random acts of music such as this one where we have some inspiring young musicians blasting horns on the corner of the French Market.

New Orleans is home to a wealth of musical styles from Jazz and Blues all the way to Zydeco and beyond. It’s an engrossing experience that truly represents the passion for music no matter which corner stage or street venue that it’s being played on. So enjoy these random acts of music and don’t forget to tip well and often.

Photos by: NOLA4ever

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