VR (Virtual Reality) New Orleans!!!

VR_NewOrleansEp1Virtual Reality has come to New Orleans! Well at least VR has now come to nolaforever.com. One of the main passions in creating this site was to give people a virtual tour of New Orleans, Louisiana, and the surrounding Gulf Coast Area. But one of the limitations of a flat electronic screen, is that we still don’t quite get that same feeling of immersion as we do in “Real” life. Well one the wonderful things about Technology is that it’s always pushing us forward into the Future. Virtual Reality or VR for short has always been a thing reserved for Sci-Fi movies or super Geeks and Nerds. But now in the future¬†year of 2016, technology has finally caught up to some of those crazy ideas. New Orleans and especially the French Quarter has always seemed to be a place to discover and wander. It’s pretty funny that the oldest neighborhood in NOLA and one of the oldest in the country, would benefit the most from new technologies. And outside of New Orleans, there’s so many Bayous, Swamps, Historic Monuments, Plantations, and Alligators to see!

Starting with these first VR episodes, I’m going to be giving people around the world a Virtual Tour of everything that New Orleans and beyond has to offer. By doing this, I hope to bring you that much closer to visiting the Swamps of Nawlins! –2e

Check out the first VR nolaforever.com episodes below: